The Best (and Worst) Day to List Your Home

The Best (and Worst) Day to List Your Home

If you’re a first-time home buyer or you’ve gone through the process before, it can be difficult to know when to list your home. There are several factors to consider when timing a home listing, such as an agent’s habits, local market trends, and seasonality. Read on for a better understanding of when to list homes for sale in Almaden Valley. But first, here’s what to know about Los Altos.

Los Altos is an affluent town within the San Francisco Bay Area, providing a quiet suburban lifestyle for residents in the area. This calmer town is popular with retirees and families, while its surrounding cities provide amenities without any of the city business. Although still a seller’s market as of December 2022, Los Altos’ market is slowing down. With this in mind, here’s what you need to know when listing your home in the area.

State, area, and town trends

The wider state trends in California indicate that May is the best month of the year to sell your home. Homes listed in May are in the prime position to sell in late June, where sales average 9.1% higher than a home’s value. California homes have a broad sales window, as most of the metropolitan areas are primed for high sales when properties are listed in May, June, and July.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, springtime is the best time to list your home. Early winter months are usually sluggish on the market, while the change in season brings increasing demand and competition. Waiting until springtime also means that your property will spend less time on the market, as a lingering listing can be detrimental to your home sale and the types of offers you receive.

The trends in Los Altos itself indicate that listing Los Altos luxury homes in August creates the best opportunity to sell your home at the highest price, as home sales completed in November trend 2.99% above the yearly average. Avoid selling in January, where sales can dip 13.53% below the yearly average. For a fast home sale, close your home in March by listing in December.

Weekly overview

When you’ve decided on what time of the year to sell, select the right time of the week. The best days of the week to list fall in the middle or end of the week. Agents prefer listings made on Thursdays, with Wednesdays and Fridays as close seconds. Listing in the middle of the week gives buyers the time to search for homes in the area and schedule a time for a showing.

On the flip side, the worst day to list your home is Monday. Many buyers are busy with jobs or responsibilities for the new week, which means they have less time to search for listings. Additionally, a listing made on Monday competes with a week’s worth of newer listings. Other days to avoid include the weekends, as buyers use the time to go to showings or may already have other plans.

Choosing not only the best day but the best time of day can impact your home listing. Generally, listings posted early in the morning are ideal for buyers who search before work or when they wake up. Agents also search for listings in the morning to send to buyers, which means there’s more of a chance your property will reach somebody interested.

Local market trends

When listing homes for sale in Almaden Valley, it’s also crucial to research the local real estate market to see if its trends are in your favor. As a seller, try to time your sale in a seller’s market. This occurs when there isn’t enough supply to meet buyers’ demand. Sellers listing in these conditions can expect to sell fast and receive better offers from competitive buyers. Although selling in a buyers’ market isn’t ideal, it’s still possible. As a seller, you’ll likely have to offer perks to buyers, like paying for repairs or closing costs.

Those looking to sell in Almaden Valley can expect market conditions favoring sellers, although generally, market trends are cooling. Prices are lower than they were a year ago. However, those who do price their homes competitively are seeing successful and quick home sales. Los Altos is seeing similar trends, with a decrease in home median sales prices and a decrease in average days on the market that indicates buyer demand.


A commonly discussed factor when listing homes is seasonality, or when to sell a property based on the season. Generally, the warmer seasons in spring and summer bring out more buyers, while the cooler seasons of fall and winter are less popular.

Best seasons

The two best seasons for selling homes are spring and summer. In Los Altos, particularly, summers are comfortable and clear, making it ideal for in-person home showings. Springtime revives nature, boosting curb appeal for Los Altos luxury homes. Additionally, families trying not to break up their child’s school year will start their search in April or May to finish up sometime in September. Summer offers the same weather perks while experiencing less competition from other sellers.

Worst seasons

The two worst seasons for selling homes are the fall and winter. With the height of spring and summer over, there are generally fewer buyers searching for home listings, and those that are may be searching for a deal. Although the winters aren’t bitter in Los Altos, overcast weather and a higher possibility of rain create barriers for buyers. With fewer interested buyers, you’ll receive fewer offers at a lower price.

Ready to list your home?

There’s plenty to think about when listing your home for sale, and by following these tips, you’re well-equipped to select the best day. If you need help listing your home for sale, contact trusted local agent Suzanne Freeze-Manning to guide you through the process.

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