How to Sell Your Silicon Valley Home

How to Sell Your Silicon Valley Home
Considering selling your Silicon Valley home? If you’re like most home sellers, you may have questions about the specific steps your Realtor® will take to ensure a smooth experience. It’s understandable; after all, your home represents a major financial asset and often comes with emotions and memories attached. Read on to discover the steps I’ll take to sell your Silicon Valley home.

Set the Stage

While it makes sense to keep a home neat, clean, and clutter-free while it’s on the market, staging takes it a step farther. Staging’s goal is simple: Create an inviting space that allows potential home buyers to imagine your home as their own. Why stage? Because buyers perceive staged homes as more valuable; in fact, reports from the National Association of Realtors indicate that buyers tend to increase offers up to 10 percent when a home is staged.

I’ll help manage the staging process and schedule and manage needed inspections and repairs, using only vetted professionals to get the work done correctly. I’ll also guide you through the completion of all necessary legal disclosure documents.

Build an Online Presence

Today’s home buyers are tech-savvy. Research indicates that more than 75 percent of house hunters use digital resources when purchasing a home; when looking at Millennial home buyers, that number jumps to 99 percent. These numbers underline the need for a strong online presence. I’ll create comprehensive listings for your home on more than 300 websites — including the MLS — and create an individual URL for your home to increase exposure. Listing information will focus on your home’s key attributes and include a virtual, wide-screen tour featuring aerial photography. My office utilizes the latest digital tools, including Matterport three-dimensional imaging. Two-dimensional floor plans are also available to complete your home’s marketing package.

Boots on the Ground

In addition to an online focus, I’ll be your boots on the ground as I utilize time-tested marketing methods. I’ll create a professional brochure that highlights your home’s positive attributes and features. These brochures will complement two Coldwell Banker signs, posted in your home’s front yard to garner attention from passers-by. I’ll send postcards to your neighbors, letting them know that your home is on the market. I’ll also advertise in weekly neighborhood newspapers, Mercury News, and real estate publications to maximize our reach. In addition, I’ll hold a preview for brokers and an Open House for house hunters and I’ll personally invite your neighbors to both.

Behind the scenes, I’ll lay the groundwork to help find your home’s buyer. Along with contacting the agents in my Coldwell Banker office, I’ll connect with other area brokers that may have potential buyers. In fact, I’ll spend two hours prospecting every day to find a buyer for your home. I’ll take care of all showings and follow-ups with prospective buyers.

Communication is Key

Throughout the process, I’ll keep the communication lines between us open, including:

  • Holding bi-weekly check-in calls to answer your questions.
  • Sending feedback and information from showings.
  • Emailing to notify you of new listings and pending sales in your neighborhood.
  • Notifying you of market changes immediately.
  • Reviewing and discussing our marketing plan regularly, making any agreed-upon changes as needed.

The Sale and Beyond

When I identify potential home buyers, I’ll negotiate with the best candidates to produce the optimal price and terms. I’ll also follow through with all contractual obligations, all while maintaining open communication with you at each step.

Once your home is sold, I’ll even help you move! I’ll assist with your move preparation and connect you with reputable packers, professional movers, house cleaners, and more.
When the time comes to sell your Silicon Valley home, it’s essential to partner with the right real estate agent. Contact me, Suzanne Freeze-Manning, and let me help you sell your home for the price and terms you desire.

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