Sell Your Home in San Jose at Peak Market Price!

Sell Your Home in San Jose at Peak Market Price!
Silicon Valley in springtime – flowers blossom, birds sing – and real estate booms! The housing boom is hot right now in Silicon Valley, but real estate moves in cycles. Prices move up – then they stabilize – and then, quite often, they pull back. The same thing happens with sales volume, moving in a wave that goes up and down.

Prices have peaked again, and so have sales numbers. Cash is flowing into Silicon Valley real estate in a big way. In the San Jose area, in particular, Google is on a buying spree, buying city blocks to create their own transit city center. Google is inflating sales numbers – but they won’t keep buying forever. It’s the perfect time to sell, before the buying stalls.

Spring and Summer, Hot Markets

I’ve been a top-selling Realtor® in this area for two decades, and I’m an expert at playing seasonal patterns. I’ve also seen the huge momentum that Google is pumping into home sales, right at the seasonal peak. It has created a perfect storm for home sellers, one of the best periods I’ve ever seen for getting top dollar for your home.

Spring and summer are gorgeous in San Jose. People are optimistic, happy, suntanned – and house hunting. It’s no coincidence that home buying spikes in spring and summer. It also trails off sharply by end of summer – so now is the time to sell.

Selling at the Peak

It’s impossible to call a market top. The better strategy is to sell after a long, strong upward move in prices – exactly where we are now. It takes time to sell a home, after all, and it’s easy to miss the peak. You don’t want to find yourself in a market that’s pulling back by the time you decide to sell.

My advice, then, is to not worry about selling at the exact best time. That’s just a matter of luck. However, selling in the spring and summer definitely gives you the best seasonal advantage.

Working With a Home Selling Pro

I’m proud to be consistently in the Top-3% of Realtors® in Santa Clara County. My performance speaks for itself, with an impeccable track record as a listing agent. I sell homes quickly, and I get top dollar. I know how to make sure every listing attracts excellent traffic and qualified buyers.

It’s my work ethic, though, that sets me apart. I want to make your home sale as easy on you as possible. I work hard every step of the way:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Contract signing
  • Timing strategy
  • Home preparation & staging
  • Listing
  • Open homes & showings
  • Buyer discussions & negotiations Paperwork
  • Closing and final sale
I’m a hands-on professional with meticulous attention to detail. I give your home sales 100% dedication.

I also stay with you after the sale, helping with arrangements for prep, packing, and moving. I know a home sale is one of the biggest steps anyone can take, and my job isn’t done until you’re sound asleep in your new home.

Don’t take my word for it though – check out my testimonials for the glowing feedback I’ve received over the years.

Call Today at (408) 623-5599 if you’re considering selling your home. Looking forward to speaking with you!

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